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DIY Fabric Flower Pom-Pom

I just love this DIY blogger, Alejandra's Styles, on YouTube. After seeing this tutorial she did on fabric flower pom-poms, I decided to try it. She used her pom-pom on a necklace but I will show a couple of other ways to use it. You will need:  Fabric  of your choice (I used an old t-shirt) scissors… Continue reading DIY Fabric Flower Pom-Pom


Cardboard box to bulletin board

I have been looking for ways to spice up my wall without ruining the paint with nails so decided to make a bulletin or stick up board. I followed the instructions on this tutorial. Materials needed ~ Carton/cardboard box ~ Glue ~ fabric For mine, I used an Indomie Instant  Noodles carton/box. Open it up and… Continue reading Cardboard box to bulletin board